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Another breakthrough for the MAP technology

April 3rd, 2019

Scanship Holding ASA : Another breakthrough for the MAP technology; Scanship to deliver its first full scale landbased industrial MAP

Scanship Holding ASA, through its subsidiary Scanship AS, has entered into a contract to deliver its first full scale landbased industrial MAP as part of a research program on valorization of biochar from pyrolysis of organic waste. The Norwegian Research Council has granted 50% funding for the research program VOW (Valorization of Organic Wastes into Sustainable Products for Clean-up of Contaminated Water, Soil, and Air). Scanship will remain the owner of the MAP technology plant delivered into the project.

The primary objective for the project is to create a sustainable and valuable biochar sorbent product for soil, air and waste water treatment from pyrolyzed organic waste fractions.

The project consortium with Scanship as MAP technology provider consist further of the waste and sewage companies Lindum and VEAS together with NGI and SINTEF.

The project will result in a novel, globally applicable value chain around sorbents made from organic waste. Today organic waste recycling involves high costs, especially when the waste is contaminated. Pyrolysis produces clean sorbent products with positive market value. On top of this come climate benefits: pyrolyzing 1.2 mill tonnes/y organic waste in Norway would offset the GHG emissions of 200 000 people. Biochar sorbents allow companies to make sustainable choices in their business activities. However, the range of application of biochar sorbents would be much larger, including soil and waste treatment: lower leaching from contaminated soil and waste would reduce costs and environmental impact of landfilling. This would result in huge global environmental and social benefits.

For further queries, please contact:

Henrik Badin - CEO Scanship Holding ASA Tel: +47 90 78 98 25 Email: henrik.badin@scanship.no

ABOUT SCANSHIP HOLDING ASA Scanship delivers world leading solutions for cleaner oceans in the Cruise and Aquaculture industries. Scanship provides advanced technologies for processing waste and purifying wastewater. Owners operating Scanship systems have the solution to convert all waste and wastewater into clean energy and purified water which meets the highest international discharge standards. Any residuals from the Scanship processes can be recovered for reuse.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.


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