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Plastic waste on landfills and in nature have become a global crisis, but the solutions is local

October 22nd, 2019

We support and work with Race for Water, a foundation dedicated to preventing plastic waste from reaching the waterways and oceans. We share their ambition to develop models that will encourage the collection of plastic waste.

Powered solely by water, wind and the sun, Race for Water is on a 5-year odyssey, a mission around the world to raise awareness, identify problems and encourage local solutions to the uncollected plastic problem. This is the Race for Water Act program.

The technology behind the program is the Biogreen technology from Scanship ETIA. A solution that, deployed on a large scale, can put an end to most of the plastic waste today ending up in our oceans.

With high temperature pyrolysis technology, all plastic waste is transformed into electricity. These containerized units will be deployed in coastal areas, enabling both small and isolated island communities and more populated areas to manage their plastic waste by producing electricity.

The ambitions of the joint cooperation between Race for Water and Scanship with ETIA is to deploy 4 000 container-based sites in Africa, Asia-Pacific and South America to process up to 14 million tons of plastic waste every year. All these units combined, would be able to produce electricity to more than 20 million households close by and give paid jobs to more than 1,2 million street pickers.

To reach this goal, up to 20 billion US dollar of investments will be required. A substantial amount, but when considering that the equivalent social cost for plastic pollution for the same amount of plastic that these 4000 facilities will convert into green energy, is over 300 billion USD every year - the Race for Water Act model is an amazing value proposition both socially, environmentally and economically.

Plastic waste on landfills and in nature have become a global crisis, but the solutions is local

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