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Vow joins forces with Imtech Steri to supply world-leading steam sterilization equipment

October 8th, 2021

Safesteril by Vow partners up with Imtech Steri’s Biosteam to offer a full range of ingredient sterilisation solutions and services. Both brands are pioneers within solutions of steam sterilisation and complement each other for both similar and different sterilization requirements.

The two companies will begin their commercial cooperation this fall, and the partnership is announced just as the season of tradeshows is starting. From now until early next year, Safesteril by Vow and Imtech Steri will attend the ASTA, FI India, Gulf Food Manufacturing, FI Europe, Almond Board Convention, and PTNPA tradeshows.

The time for convergence of the best solutions has come

The food industry market is constantly developing and the need for technology and specialized solutions is growing. Demand for sustainable products and food safety has never been greater, and customers world-wide require technology and solutions which are both highly sustainable and widely proven. Both Vow, through its technology Safesteril, and Imtech-Steri, through its Biosteam technology, offer such solutions. Both technologies are manufactured in Switzerland, with the highest level of quality and excellence.

“The Imtech Steri technology is a perfect match for us and will strengthen our service offering. Our customers will have access to a broader range of solutions for sustainable and safe ingredient sterilisation. Also, the technology will enable us to gather important data which will provide unique market-insight”, says Henrik Badin, CEO of Vow ASA.

A convergence of the best food solutions from Vow and Imtech Steri is key to becoming one of the greatest players in the food safety industry, as well as ensuring growth for both solutions by for example benefiting from sharing technical data across systems and clients.

“I believe the time has come for convergence and cooperation of the proven efficient technologies of this market. It should benefit everyone, especially our customers. We can’t wait to get started”, says Mathieu Oser, CEO of Imtech Steri.

David Barbera, who is Sales Director at Vow’s subsidiary Etia, has been one of the initiators behind the partnership. He met Mathieu while working as Development Director for another Basel-based company.

“To again work closely with Mathieu and aligning our strategies feels great. Every manufacturer likes the idea of having a continuous sterilizer for its main line of product and a batch system to treat smaller lots. This cooperation will provide that opportunity for our clients”, says David Barbera, Sales Director at Etia.

US and India are key markets

The US and India are key markets for the collaboration, as the demand for heat-based pasteurisation solutions is high in both countries. Both India and the US are already strongholds for Vow, who will represent Imtech Steri as exclusive distributor in both countries. In addition, Vow will be a non-exclusive distributor in other countries.

For more information, please contact

Henrik Badin, CEO, Vow ASA Tel: + 47 90 78 98 25 Email: henrik.badin@vowasa.com

Mathieu Oser, CEO, Imtech Steri Tel: +41 61 406 91 15 Email: m.oser@imtech-steri.ch

About Vow

Vow and its subsidiaries Scanship and Etia are passionate about preventing pollution. The company’s world leading solutions convert biomass and waste into valuable resources and generate clean energy for a wide range of industries.

Cruise ships on every ocean have Vow technology inside which processes waste and purifies wastewater. Fish farmers are adopting similar solutions, and public utilities and industries use our solutions for sludge processing, waste management and biogas production on land.

With advanced technologies and solutions, Vow turns waste into biogenetic fuels to help decarbonise industry and convert plastic waste into fuel, clean energy, and high-value pyro carbon. The solutions are scalable, standardised, patented, and thoroughly documented, and the company’s capability to deliver is well proven. They are key to end waste and stop pollution.

Located in Oslo, the parent company Vow ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker VOW).

About Imtech Steri

Imtech-Steri AG is a world leader in the production of Batch system solutions for sterilization with saturated steam. The company has been offering sterilization services to the pharma industry for more than 40 years. Customized pasteurization plants for the Food industry was developed in the early 1990’s, with the first installations in Germany and Italy.

Imtech Steri has a passion for solution development. Integrating the latest technologies of automation, we want to expand the applications for our solutions based on saturated steam treatments. Replacing less sustainable systems based on chemicals, Imtech-Steri’s mission is to offer sustainable and reliable solutions for consumer Food Safety worldwide.


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