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Born and raised in Poland, she brought her passion for technology and creativity to France. Meet Marketing and Sales Director of ETIA, Anna Grochowska.

Everything is possible

Growing up in a country that has been through amazing transitions in a very short time has taught me a lot about determination, capacity to adapt, and that everything is possible with the right attitude. Polish people are really tenacious! 

Combine a humanistic approach with science

As for me, I was raised in a mix of technology and creativity. My parents were professors in technical sciences, but our house was full of books. So even though I graduated as Material Engineer from Warsaw University of Technology, I always find a way to combine a humanistic approach with science. This is also reflected in my work at Vow, where I am involved in industrial projects where I have the opportunity to mix technology with the human side of the business.

In such crossings, technical expertise, communication, creativity and sharing the same values as our clients are all essential. 

Helping industries become more sustainable

I joined Vow in 2016, a very natural transition for me after years of leading projects within renewable energy, valorization of waste and construction. It is exciting to see that by delivering our solutions, we can do our part in helping different industries become more sustainable. 

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced carbon footprint is on top of the agenda for citizens, governments – and of course industries around the globe. Vow is delivering technologies for industries to become ‘green’. The whole world is transitioning into taking more responsibility towards their climate impact, and Vow is an important part of this journey.

Would you like to join us and unleash your full potential?

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