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We are growing in fast pace, adding talented people to our team every week. Our employee #100 started at Vow February 1st, 2021, meet project manager Bjarne Blom-Jensen.

For love and petroleum studies

Almost 30 years ago, I took the “Danskebåten” from Denmark to Norway – for love and petroleum studies. Since then, I have traveled the world and worked as a project manager and process engineer within drilling technology in several oil service companies. Now was the time for me to step away from fossils and be a part of the green shift.

Really makes a difference

When I chose my new employer, it was important to me that Vow delivers products that really makes a difference. We do not greenwash - from South to the North Pole, we are contributing to a more sustainable cruise industry and cleaner oceans.

Some of the world’s most skilled engineers

Few companies have greater focus on research and development than Vow. Our R&D department is quite large, considering the size of the company. I am working with some of the world’s most skilled engineers – within technology, biology, water purification and CO2 management, now extending our technology and business significant to land based industry. It is really inspiring to be able to work with this group - imagine that the whole R&D department is built up in just a few years!

Vow means “promise”

One thing I like about Vow is the meaning and interpretation behind our name. It really is genius: Vow means “promise”, a vow to our self, our clients and the world around us. In addition, Vow is short for Valorization Of Waste. I love this duality, and I promise to contribute to create something valuable out of waste.

Would you like to join us and unleash your full potential?

Visit our recruitment section and fill in the contact form to submit an open application.

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