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One of the things that characterizes us at Vow is our passion for a clean planet. Meet Laurent Buisine, sales director for robotics and recycling.

Joined the Navy

I was born near the Atlantic Ocean and have spent most of my life near the coast. When I joined the Navy, I realized just how much the ocean means to me. We dumped the waste from our ship directly into the sea and it was really breaking my heart.

Technology can solve the problem

The volume of waste in the world is already enormous, and it will increase in the years to come. We must recycle as much as possible, but it is difficult to realize our goals with only human power. However, technology can solve the problem. That is why we are developing robotics for recycling.

Artificial vision

A small robot with artificial vision and artificial intelligence. It has arms, eyes and brain just like humans, but it works faster with lower HSE risk. Based on AI algorithms, the robot separates the waste so it can be recycled correctly. We need large amounts of data to make it work, the robot needs to understand the difference between a bottle and a can.

Up for the challenge

We are prototyping this solution as we speak, and together with 15 other robotics enthusiasts in Vow, I’m up for the challenge. We need to do our part to save the planet and the oceans close to my heart.

Would you like to join us and unleash your full potential?

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