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She has a double MSc, broad audit experience, and a passion that goes far beyond financial accounting. Responsible for our sustainability reporting, meet Group Financial Controller, Maria Kringlen Halvorsen.

A perfect match

I have one Master’s degree in accounting and auditing, and one in environment, climate and energy economics. A perfect match to crunch numbers in Vow! In addition to working with our quarterly and yearly financial reporting, I’m in charge of Vow’s sustainability report.

Contribution to a circular economy

Mitigating climate change, preventing pollution and contribution to a circular economy are three areas of great importance for Vow. Stakeholders show increasing interest on what we do for the environment, and on social and ethical matters. I think this will continue going forward.

Climate risks

Sustainability reporting is closely connected with financial reporting. Climate risks have potential impacts on the financial results. But sustainability is not only about risks – it is also opportunities. Regulations such as CO2 tax and the EU Taxonomy gives Vow more business opportunities because our customers need help to reduce their emissions.

Positive influence on the environment

Vow contributes to large reductions in climate emissions for our clients. Thus, we have a great indirect positive influence on the environment. It would be amazing to show the total number of our contributions.

Actually contribute

There is a difference between “checking the box” and actually contribute in a positive way to the environment. Credibility comes from numbers and facts, so to quantify and show how we contribute is a focus for Vow. It is my job to make it easy for everyone to understand how we contribute, together with our sustainability workgroup.

Environmental technology

It is inspiring to work in a company that contributes positively with environmental technology, and it is important to me that we showcase our positive contribution to society. I’m looking forward to launch our first sustainability report in June.

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