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He is impatient to get things done for the sake of saving our planet. Meet Deputy General Manager of ETIA, Philippe Hugeron.

Make something happen

With an engineering background, I worked in the project finance industry in more than ten years before I realized I wanted to be on the first line. I wanted to be hands-on, to act and innovate, to make something happen. We need to move fast to mitigate the climate change, for us, for our children. They are asking us at a daily basis: please change the world. That is why I started my own start up with environmentally friendly technology some years ago.

Size is key

However, it takes too long for a small start-up to make a significant impact on customers, investors or regulators. Size is key. Size gives the strength and the voice you need to make a change.

Start-up spirit

In 2019, I joined Vow, which already had a significant market share and a strong history of both innovation and industrialization of technologies. We have the power to develop and deliver efficient and profitable products, to make an impact on our planet. At the same time, and that is really great, we have kept a start-up spirit.

Renew what we already have

Large industrial companies are knocking on our door to solve their problems. They need to decarbonize, and Vow has the solution to give their existing infrastructure a new life. With bio-coke, bio-coal and biofuel, we can substitute fossil fuel. We cannot throw all today’s infrastructure away to mitigate climate change. New solutions as photovoltaics and wind farms are not enough. We must decarbonize and renew what we already have, it is simply pragmatic to get a quicker and more efficient transition.

For all our children

I have one daughter and two sons. A while back, my daughter looked at me, saying: “Dad, you need to accelerate”. With all Vow’s team, we are working as fast as we can to make an impact on the climate changes. For my daughter, for all our children.

Would you like to join us and unleash your full potential?

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